The Do Less Experiment with Kate Northrup
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Join me for this FREE 14-day experience to set your (more relaxed) life in motion!

You’ve been expecting that the secret to having more isn’t doing more, it’s doing less. Now’s the time to put your theory to the test.

Set yourself free.

It’s free and it’ll set you free!

Over 3,000 people joined me last year and now it’s time for you to join us in our annual experiment to have (and be) more by doing less.

Here's what some of our participants had to say:

That was such a super sweet video. Thank you Kate Northrup Watts for this experiment. It is the first time that I too fully completed an email "challenge" of sorts. I loved how bite sized the videos and ideas were and what a big impact they made on me to get me really thinking about the themes we went over. I'm still getting ideas around what's most important to me, what can only I do in my business, and still unsubscribing to emails and getting into right relationship with the white space. Thank you again Kate! 💖 💗 💝

– Shirani Pathak 

Chiming in to express my gratitude to you, Kate, and to all of the participants who shared in this experiment. Kate, this program was just right in terms of length (14 days). I really liked that each day's focus was one simple action, and that the videos explaining each action were nice and SHORT! This made it much easier for me to participate and engage in the entire experiment. Your content was well-thought-out and communicated clearly and concisely. I admire your beautiful blend of polished professionalism and genuine authenticity, Kate. Keep putting your energy where your heart is, and you will continue to make meaningful contributions to this world. Thank you for the time and effort you put into creating this program, setting it up, and joining us together in a spirit of sisterhood to learn from one another. I got a lot out of this experience, and I am so grateful. Much appreciated!!! 👊🏼 😊

– Merideth Kelly

Great opportunity to slow down. I now realize when I'm taking on too much and have learned to just stop and say no. What I really learned was that I can gracefully cancel! If I just have too much going on, cancel it.

– Mary Warriner

My life has changed from doing this experiment. I realise that in my business I need to focus on those things that only I can do and delegate everything else to my staff. This will free up so much time for me to provide quality time to my business while giving me an abundance of time to do less. Thank you Kate Northrup Watts for a great Experiment.

– Pamela Adams

During The Do Less Experiment you’ll learn:

  • How to create space in your day to day that allows you to be more productive week to week
  • The importance of how saying “no” can bring you more reasons to say “yes”!
  • How to release stress and find ease
  • How to feel less stress about your to-do list 
  • How to see tangible results in your business and daily life  

In our 14 days together you’ll get:

  • One email per day with a quick (3 minutes or less) video lesson to guide you through the process
  • Access to each lesson as they’re unlocked for the remainder of the experiment 
  • A lively Facebook group where I’ll be hopping in daily to support your experience
  • A chance to win 3 months FREE of Origin™ by participating in the daily lessons  

I’d love for you to join me and the thousands of others who are doing less and achieving more. 

Life doesn’t have to be the hamster wheel of crazy, busy chaos anymore. 

Set yourself free.